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Ubuntu 9.04 is available for Download


Jaunty Jackalope, the Ubuntu distro that was announced in September last year has finally been released to the masses and its goal is to engage more users into using an OS that is not only free but also secure, stable and reliable.
The History of Ubuntu impresses one at great heights considering that Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has so far been able to produce an operating system that is as much easy to use as Windows and Mac and still at the same time, free to use. Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope aims to extend this experience and provide more features to the Ubuntu audience.

For a list of new features in Ubuntu 9.04, follow on to the list below.
  • A New Look - Not only has it got a new name but also a new boot screen, a new login sequence, a new wallpaper and a new theme for Gnome.
  • Faster Boottime - Switch it on and you will be on your desktop before you even know it.
  • Multiple Monitors Support - No longer do you need to play around with hacks to configure multiple monitor setup for your Ubuntu desktop, it comes native now.
  • Native CD-Burning - Brasero is now the default disc burning utility in Nautilus.
  • New-style Notifications - Notifications and Alerts in Ubuntu will never be the same as it now supports more stylish alerts.
  • Ext4 Filesystem - Support for a new filesystem is now available which is much faster.
  • Cloud computing - Jackalope makes it easy to experiment with cloud computing.
  • More Apps - A lot of new apps have been added along with latest versions of Firefox and OpenOffice 3.0
And thats not all.
Ubuntu 9.04 now comes in different flavors, for Desktop, Server and for even Netbooks. Choose the one you like and join the Linux cult.


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