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Extract Mp3 audio from Youtube videos

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ListenToYouTube is a service that allows us to extract the audio from YouTube and convert to MP3 format. Youtube is the largest source of Music and you will always want to save them on your Mp3 player and listen to them later on. It may happen also happen that Video is not so good but song is melodious so in such cases, you will need only Audio of it or simply as a Mp3 file of same song.

Even though there are many ways to download content, the P2P is perhaps the most popular and used, there is YouTube so large a collection of music and audio of any kind is almost bound to start when looking for new content there.
And so that no difficulty away to less technical users, ListenToYouTube is easy to use: just enter the URL of the video from YouTube. With this service is only manage to extract the audio for download in MP3 format.


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