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Download and manage torrents from Firefox

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firetorrentFirefox Browser with its addons can make almost anything possible. For Torrent Downloading, we use different external standalone Torrent clients. However, Firefox plugin called Firetorrent makes it possible to download and manage your torrent files right from Firefox Browser window.

This feature is already available in Opera 10 by default without installing or making any changes.
With this plugin, you will have the option to download directly to the browser, creating a new tab in the window that usually opens in Firefox when download any file. It can find all their management, check the list of files you’re downloading, the sources or seeds (seeds) to each torrent, the percentage of the download, as well as set limits on both upload and download for each file or the set of them all.
The add-on though still in testing is fully operational and removes the need for any additional BitTorrent client. However upon the full release, it will offer users the ability to adjust limits for downloads and uploads along with other modes of configuration.


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