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Hide your email address using akapost


Email has become an important tool for all of us. We send and receive a lot of emails everyday as it slowly will become a replacement for the traditional mail.
However, we will also receive more and more spam mail, and we may want to protect or hide our real email address when signup something.
So, we may try akapost, a service which will protect your email address. Once you singup for the service, you will be given an email address (username@akapost.com). Every email that send to this address will be forwarded to your own email address.

Beside this, you can also send email by using your akapost account. Your recipients will never know your real email address. The sender of the email will appear as “username@akapost.com”. This means that you will never make your email address public.
Although akapost is free, but you only can add 1 email address. If you want to have more emaill address under your account, you may try their paid plan.


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