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On the web, we often need email confirmation for registering or joining a web service, forums or anything. Some of these are genuine but one or two websites with bad intention can fill up you inbox with news letters, offers, schemes or anything that you don’t want. But in order to take advantage of that service, we have no other option to subscribe them via email. so, to get rid off, Here’s a solution :

We can create an email account on Filzmail.com which will be valid only for 24 hours. It will be automatically disposed off after that. During that time you can receive mail and SUBSCRIBE to a feed to receive alerts by RSS new email. You may argue that creating another email account on services like yahoo or gmail will solve purpose but they want you to fill up a long form with your personal information. On other side, Filzmail creates account on a single click without filling up any personal data.
Time limit can be extended by 24 hours to more 24 hours.


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