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What is CC and BCC


If you are a frequent internet user then you must be e-mailing frequently too and if you are e-mailing frequently then you must have noticed that there are some options (‘CC’ & ‘BCC’) near the ‘To’. Have you ever wondered what they are or even if you have used it did you know what they really do? Well, let me tell you what they really mean and what they do.
‘CC:’ is an acronym for ‘Carbon Copy’ and ‘BCC:’ is an acronym for ‘Blind Carbon Copy’. Both are used if you want to send a copy of mail to another recipient beside the person you’re sending the email to. But the only difference is that in CC all the recipients know the person who is 'CC'ed is receiving a copy of the email but in BCC only the person to whom the email is 'BCC'ed knows he or she is receiving it. The main receiver and anyone who is CC'ed don’t know.


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