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Webslug - Measure and compare the websites loading time

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We want our websites load fast, so that visitors no need to wait for a long time before can read our contents. normally, users will only wait for arround 20 seconds before the contents finish loading, unless your websites contains really interesting articles.
So, it is really important for designers to take care the loading time before publish the design. There are a lot of websites which can measure the loading time, but today i am going to introduce Webslug, which is able to compare the loading time for 2 diferent websites.

To compare the loading time, simply type the web URL to the textboxes provided and press “Compare“. The result shown that Google take2.28 seconds to load while Yahoo take 6.13 seconds. You can also measure the loading time for a single website by following the “just test one oage” link.

zuborg said...
October 17, 2008 at 1:38 PM

I would also recommend to use this online free performance testing tool - http://Site-Perf.com/

It measure loading speed of page and it’s requisites (images/js/css) like browsers do and shows nice detailed chart - so you can easily spot bottlenecks. It’s very detailed and accurate, supports a lot of features like Keep-Alive and HTTP-compression.

Also useful feature is that this tool can measure quality of internet link of your server.

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