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Tweak MSN Messenger with APatch

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I really hate the advertising, so started looking for a way to remove it, and what I found was a very cool application named APatch, not only can I use it to remove all branding and advertising, I can tweak over 90 other messenger settings, very cool. If you want to remove advertising using this application, simply fire it up and find the settings shown in the three screenshots below, keep clicking next until you find the right page.

As you can see from the final screenshot, when you are done, just click apply and APatch will modify your Windows Live Messenger install to make the changes you chose.
I am really happy I found this, I had wanted to update my messenger client for a long time, I had tried several others such as Trillion, Digsby and Pigeon, but none of them felt as if the integrated into windows as well as MSN Messenger does. By using APatch I have removed the single thing that stopped me doing this.
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