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How To Configure and Test Website Anywhere Anytime

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The minimum requirement to host and run the website on local computer is we need a web server. The web server can be IIS or Tomcats, but however not every computer is come with this features. Even have web server features, but not all computers have installed and activated for users to host the website. But now with the portable web server, users now can simply run in anywhere anytime wherever they go. WOS Portable is the portable web server users may use to host and run their website at any computer.
WOS Portable stand for Webserver on the stick, is free software that user can download to their USB pen drive or any other writable media (harddrive, flash cards etc.) After download, users just can simply run it without any installation required to host their website. WOS Portable now support from Windows 98 until Windows Vista. For those who having Windows XP Home edition, they no need to tweak or hack their Windows, they can simply get WOS Portable run in their Windows to host their website.
Beside that, WOS Portable also comes with a selectable bunch of preinstalled software (TYPO3, Joomla!, Mambo, Wordpress, Moodle, OS Commerce, Drupal, PHPMyAdmin and many more). This will make users life easier as most of the popular software has come with WOS Portable.


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