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FruitfulTime TaskManager 2

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Remembering tasks is a pretty hard job and we might end up forgetting some important things and the consequences could be drastic. The best way to remember and manage tasks is to have a to-do list. FruitfulTime TaskManager is a feature rich to-do list software. FruitfulTime TaskManager will help you to manage your tasks and to do list efficiently and effectively.
Task Manager
Features of FruitfulTime Task Manager;

  • Manage your to do list easily and quickly.
  • Create / edit / delete tasks.
  • Tasks can be split into smaller manageable subtasks like paying telephone bill can be split to paying landline bill and paying mobile phone bill.
  • Monitor the progress on each task / subtask.
  • Assigning tasks to different contacts.
  • Set the priority for each task.
  • Set up reminders for tasks
  • Assign tags to tasks
  • Password protect your tasks such that only you will be able to edit and view it.
  • Carry your task list with you anywhere if you install FruitfulTime TaskManager on a USB pen drive.
The priorities can be set for each task as High, Medium and low. High Priority tasks are marked as Red.
When you add a task, you can set reminders for the task, so that you get notification when the task needs to be executed. Reminders can be set upto one month in advance.
FruitfulTime Task Manager is a good solution to manage your tasks, organise your life and increase productivity. FruitfulTime Task Manager is currently available for Windows 2000, XP and Vista and require Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.
There are 2 versions of FruitfulTime Task Manager available,
Version 1.0- Free for Home and Non-Commercial Use- Download Free Version

Version 2.0- Improved features than 1.0 , Price $29.99- Download Trial Version


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