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Free Windows Vista With SP1 Product Key & DVD Disc

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Microsoft is giving away free full version Windows Vista with SP1 DVDs and product key, together with its DVD media. It will be shipped to your home free of cost! As far as the product key is concerned, we are not sure if its a full lifetime key or just a trial one (for a limited time).
Even if it does turns out to be a trial version, we can at least take advantage of the free genuine Windows Vista (with SP1) installation DVD.
Free Windows Vista SP1 Free Vista DVD Disc
The Windows Vista SP1 giveaway is part of the Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 Desktop Deployment & Evaluation Kit, which consists of the following items:
  1. 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (it mentions evaluation copy on the website, but the box (see photo below) exclude the term).
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional 180 day trial.
  3. Desktop Deployment Toolkit.
You can register and request for a free Windows Vista Service Pack 1 with Desktop Deployment & Evaluation Kit from the following URL, and it will be shipped right at your doorstep free of cost.
Note: This offer is only valid for USA residents.
 Post from: Sizzled Core


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