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Create notes that will self destruct after read

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Privnote is an interesting web service that will create a note which will self destruct after being read.
We can send someone a note through many ways, such as email and sms. But none of these are safe. People may hack the mail account and look for sensitive data, and handphone is easy to lost due to its “small” size. So, what is the best way to send note to somebody?
Perhaps the receiver will delete the mail/sms after read. But, what will happen if they forgot to do so? So, why not send them a self destructive note?
I believe there are a lot of telco which offer self destructive sms, which will automatic delete the sms from handphone after being read (but with higher charge). Now, you can send self destructive notes through Privnote also.

Simply type your notes and press the “Post it” button. The system will generate a short link to the note. After the receive read it, system will delete the note from database, so that no one can retrieve it.
The sender can turn on the notify feature so that he/she will be informed when the receive open the note. You can click the link yourself if you found that you had send the wrong message, but make sure you click it before the receiver click.


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