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Windows SteadyState for Vista and XP

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Microsoft has made available for download the Windows SteadyState for the 32-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. SteadyState is a Windows management tool designed for scenarios in which access to machines is completely unrestricted. The evolution of the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP, Windows SteadyState has been designed for the specific purpose of managing shared computers, safeguarding system resourced against changes made by untrusted users, and making irrelevant unwanted software installations.

“Windows SteadyState includes many new features and enhanced capabilities. Windows SteadyState is not simply a redesign of the Shared Computer Toolkit; we listened to you, our customers, to better understand how we could provide a solution that could really help you manage and maintain your shared computer environments”, Microsoft revealed.

SteadyState indeed comes with an overhauled installation and a new redesigned graphical user interface tailored on the Windows Aero in Vista. Still, the redesign does highlight the tasks and options of the tool streamlining access for the end users. At the same time, the Redmond company also simplified the settings associated with introducing restrictions to user accounts on a certain operating system and those related to handling updates.

On top of the management capabilities included in SteadyState Microsoft has also integrated the Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy mechanism. The company stressed the need to ensure that Windows machines with SteadyState have access to official downloads and the updates restricted by WGA validation. On top of this, SteadyState features Windows Disk Protection which makes all changes to the platform temporary.

“Help protect the Windows partition, which contains the Windows operating system and other programs, from being modified without administrator approval. Windows Disk Protection helps protect the Windows operating system and all files on the computer from permanent change. Any changes made by shared users when they are logged on to the computer are removed when the computer is restarted. Windows SteadyState allows you to set Windows Disk Protection to remove all changes upon restart, to remove changes at a certain date and time, or to not remove changes at all”, Microsoft added.

Windows SteadyState is available for download here.


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