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Windows Explorer Alternative - Powerful XS Lite

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The Windows default browser - Windows Explroer is adequate when it comes to opening folders and files. For other uses, like comparing the contents of two folders, or moving the content of one folder to another, it can be a tough customer.

Xplorer2 Squared is a Windows Explorer alternative that offers more file management features than Windows Explorer does. It comes in two versions, freeware or the Lite version and the paid professional version. However, the Lite version is no pushover.

Windows Explorer Alternative - Powerful XS Lite

XS Lite offers three panes, which includes two folder content panes. This makes it easier to compare the content of two folders. If you’re worried about the alternate scrolling that would need to be done, relax - it automatically scrolls one pane to mirror the other one.

Tow different folder can be opened in the panes, which makes the copying or moving files a breeze. Besides that XS Lite comes with many other features such as:

  • A File shredder to securely delete files.
  • A File Splitter / Merger to chop files into pieces of user defined size.
  • A bulk renaming utility that can rename files or reset their attributes according to your specification.
  • Bookmark frequently used folder for easier access.

If you need some more power than the normal Explorer, XS Lite is what you need.

[Download XS Lite]


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