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MS Word to PDF Converter - doPDF


Creating PDF files from MS Word has never been easy. Of course there are various plugins, and various programs which can get the job done but none of them are easy to follow. However, doPDF makes converting MS Word documents to PDF a breeze.

It installs itself as a virtual printer driver and thus appears in Printer & Faxes list. To convert a document to PDF all you have to do, is print the document using the doPDF driver. Here are few things which make it uncommon.

  • doPDF is completely free for personal use or for commercial usage.
  • It also includes supports for 64-bit Windows XP.
  • It doesn’t require any 3rd party program to do its work (ex: Ghost Script).
  • You can customize the resolution for conversion anywhere from 72 to 2400 dpi.
  • It has support for 20 languages.
  • Any document editor which supports printing can be used to create the PDF file.

It’s quite simple. So, if you are in a need to convert any document to PDF, you should give this freeware a try. I’m sure you wouldn’t need any other method for creating PDF files again.

[1.42MB][Win98-WinXP][Download doPDF]


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