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Monitor and Control Windows Startup Changes Easily

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Whenever you install an application like FlashGet, Nero, or Google Talk, the application registers itself to run at Windows Startup without even asking. Running too many applications at Windows Startup can make Startup slow. There’s no utility included with Windows which can alert you about a Startup change.

Monitoring Window’s Startup Changes

StartupMonitor is a small utility which alerts you whenever an application tries to make sure it runs on Windows Startup. It runs quietly as a background process and doesn’t even use the system tray. It stops annoying programs from registering themselves without letting you know. Using it you can easily monitor which application is trying to run itself at Windows Startup.

Startup Monitor

Controlling Window’s Startup Changes

Startup Control Panel is a control panel applet that lets you to easily select which programs run at Startup. It’s quite easy to use and being less than 100 KB is a must for those who want extra control. One of the main reasons it’s better than “MSCONFIG” is that it also shows the “Run Once” programs. “Run Once” programs are those which run only once at Windows Startup, i.e. the next time the system boots.

Control Windows Startup Programs Easily

Using both of them you can easily monitor and control Startup changes. However, StartupMonitor does not need Startup Control Panel, but it’s a nice addition.

When you choose not to allow a program to register itself using StartupMonitor, that’s program’s entry becomes disabled in Startup Control Panel, meaning you can always enable the program later if you want to.

[Download StartupMonitor] [Download Startup Control Panel]


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