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Finding password protected files on a PC or over a network


It is not uncommon to password protect a file in order to make sure its content is unreachable for others. However, finding password protected files on a PC or over a network can be troublesome if you forgot where you’ve placed them.

Password Encryption Analyzer is a nifty tool which can make the job easier for you. With this easy to use encryption scanning toll you can easily find all the password protected or encrypted files on your PC as well as over a network.

Finding password protected and encrypted files

It has the ability to scan over 4000 files per minute on an average PC. Besides that it can check for password protection and encryption for over 100 types of different files. With this tool you can easily check if the files are secure or not? You can easily verify that your files are still password protected.

It has an easy to use Explorer like interface; it provides recovery options and launches appropriate password recovery modules. However, it doesn’t recover passwords. It only search for password protected files.

[Download Password Encryption Analyzer]


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