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Enable Sticky Keys in Windows Vista/XP

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If you are surfing Windows Vista or XP with your mouse and want to bring up your Windows task manager by the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del or any other Windows application using keyboard shortcuts, you have to take your hand off your mouse and type the key combos using both hands. You can get around this annoying act by enabling sticky keys,a useful feature in Windows Vista / XP.The major advantage of enabling sticky keys in Windows is that this will increase the ease of work with Windows.

Sticky keys in Windows enable you to press keyboard shortcut buttons one at a time instead of all at once, so you no longer have to have both hands to use keyboard shortcuts and also saves your precious time. To enable sticky keys in Windows Vista / XP just do the following steps:

Enabling Sticky Keys in Windows XP

  • Click Windows XP Start then select Control Panel
  • Click Accessibility Options from Control Panel
  • Now open up the Keyboard tab
  • Check the checkbox on Use Sticky Keys
  • Click OK and close all opened windows.

Enabling Sticky Keys in Windows Vista
  • Click Windows Vista start then select Control Panel from start menu
  • Open Ease of Access Center from Control Panel
  • Click on the option, make the keyboard easier to use
  • Check the checkbox, turn on sticky keys
  • Click apply and close all opened windows.


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