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Create a Shortcut to Any Program in WIndows Vista


An easy tool, you can use to make your everyday use on your Windows Vista computer becomes more easier and interesting is keyboard shortcuts.The main advantage of using keyboard shortcuts in Windows is that,it saves a lot of time. Everyone knows about the common keyboard shortcuts used in Windows like ctrl+c, ctrl+v etc, but did you know to create keyboard shortcuts for any program you want in Windows Vista. So instead of using your mouse to open up a program or any application you can simply make a keyboard shortcut to that application and this can be very useful, if you use certain programs like internet Explorer,Paint,Command Prompt etc a lot.Here shows the procedure to create a keyboard shortcut for a Windows Vista application,say Internet Explorer.The method is just the same for any program.The steps for creating shortcuts in Windows Vista is given :

  • Click Windows Vista start orbs and select all programs
  • Find the Internet Explorer(or program you want) and right click on it
  • From the context menu ,select properties
  • Click the shortcut tab
  • Find the shortcut key area
  • Here you just have to type any key that you want to be used with Ctrl + Alt in a shortcut
  • Once a key typed it will show up automatically in the shortcut box
  • Click apply and OK and close all the opened windows and you have made a shortcut to your favorite program in Windows Vista.


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