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Cleaner PC in a Second

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Registry Cleaning and PC maintenance software has got a bad name with so many ‘scareware’ products popping up on websites, telling you that your computer needs attention and offering to put it right. Woe betide anyone who takes up the offer and more often than not you’ll end up with a infected PC, or a bill for a piece of useless software. The other problems is that maintenancesoftware often makes little or no difference, and don’t be misled into thinking they will somehow restore the performance on a terminally sluggish or cluttered machine, that just doesn’t happen in the real world. On the other hand, running a decent cleaner every so often can help to avoid problems later down the line, by removing redundant files and Registry entries, and one freeware utility I have been trialling recently seems to do a pretty good job. It’s called nCleaner Second settings and scanning and it covers a lot of ground, from scanning the Registry, to tweaking WindowsStartup files. I’m still playing around with it but so far so good and the promise of it being able to free up an average of 2Gb of hard disc space certainly seems to be true. It’s small the download is on 875kB and remarkably fast, so see what you think, and I would be interested to hear your views, good or bad.


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