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Add text to pics or tag photos

Ever wanted to add text to pics or wanted to add titles, descriptions, and explanation notes to photos easily then ever? Foto Tagger is a freeware which allows you to do. Using it you can place notes directly over any images whether it is a vacation photo, family picture, or any picture you desire. What is specific about Foto Tagger is that the notes added are movable.

You can move the notes from one place to another in the photos easily. The notes which are added can be shown or made hidden with just a click of a mouse button making sure the original picture remains unaffected. The notes always remain with the pictures no matter if they are mailed, posted on your blog or uploaded on a web site such as Flickr.

add text to pics with foto tagger

Adding text to pictures can be used in various ways:

  • Identify people, places, and events on digital photos.
  • Mark notable details and comment specific objects.
  • Display your tags in a form of balloons. Create talking pictures, books of comics and image macros from your photos.
  • Publish annotated images to your blog or web site.
  • Upload annotated pictures to Flickr and download them back to FotoTagger with Flickr notes preserved.
  • Organize images.
  • Find elements of images in a couple of clicks.
  • Create animated GIF files.

[Download Foto Tagger]


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