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AeroTime 1.0b9 (Formerly AeroVista) Released!

AeroTime is a WindowBlinds skin and not a transformation pack so it won’t change your icons, sounds or cursor themes and it doesn’t come with any 3rd party applications. It is however the best WB theme that you will find if you want the Vista look on your XP system. It will give you transparency and blur and is a lot more stable than any other aero emulator, namingly Vystal, TrueTransparency, FastAero.

You can download WindowsBlinds here. And even though the enhanced version is not free, at $20, it’s a lot cheaper than buying Vista or a new system and you will be able to keep the software and hardware compatibility that XP offers all while enjoying the Vista look on your XP!

File descriptions:
AeroTime_1.0b9.zip (light to medium colored wallpapers)
AeroTime_1.0b9DW.zip (medium to dark colored wallpapers)

32×32 pixels Start Menu icons

48×48 pixels Start Menu icons
AeroTime_1.0b9L.zip (light to medium colored wallpapers)
AeroTime_1.0b9DWL.zip (medium to dark colored wallpapers)

Font, wallpapers, user pictures, frame styles, extra skin components, StartMenuLSTRemover to remove Start Menu logoff and shutdown text, …


AeroTime_1.0b9.zip ( 1.42MB )
AeroTime_1.0b9L.zip ( 1.42MB )
AeroTime_1.0b9DW.zip ( 1.42MB )
AeroTime_1.0b9DWL.zip ( 1.42MB )
AeroTime_1.0x_Extras.zip ( 1.52MB )

Corrected silver blue transparent load screen:
AeroTimePleaseWaitImage.zip ( 31.38K )


The following screenshot shows AeroTime 1.0b9DW with the taskbar at top and fixed orb. It also shows the new Vista like chekmarks for menus which are not perfect but still acceptable. I know, they are too much on the left and the blue square is way too small!!! XP limitations… Sorry!

TIP: You do have the option to use the Vista checkmark by itself (which is centered) or the XP style one used in previous betas of AeroTime. They can be found in the extras dowload in the skin components folder.

You will also notice the resized maximized button as well as new taksbar grippers.

Attached Image


AeroTime 1.0b9
- renamed AeroVista to AeroTime
- fixed orb issue when taskbar is at the top
- taskbar now displays correctly when placed at the sides and top
- added more blue to taskbar buttons (top half) on mouseover
- updated vertical and horizontal taskbar grippers
- fixed control panel large icon background color
- resized maximized button to correct size
- added 3 skin components for menus (XP Checkmark, Vista Checkmark, Vista Checkmark with blue square (default in beta 9))
- wba files no longer overwrite each other in WindowBlinds

Note: Complete changelog (beta1 to beta9) can be found in all of the AeroTime 1.0b9x downloads.

Up coming betasView what’s coming in the next beta releases of AeroTime here.


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