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Microsoft Office Labs offers Search Commands


With Office Labs, Microsoft also has its incubator of new ideas even sandpit for a test. With an online site yesterday and open to the public, Office Labs together designers and developers who collect ideas in relation to all Microsoft products, but mainly the office suite Office, in order to propose new features sometimes takes the form of plug-ins. Attention, however, no betas produced, while the rest of the state concept whose future is uncertain, however, with the aim to gather feedback.

For users who have taken the feet in the tape

Search Commands is a leading operational concepts fruit Office Labs. A time known as code-named Scout, this plug-in for Office 2007 aims to make life easier for the user somewhat destabilized by the element ribbon. Not always easy indeed to tame the user interface of Office 2007 after years of practice without his appeal.

Search Commands is a search utility on tape rather well thought just stay there. Enter “bold” (bold) in the search box provided, for example, display the command in conjunction with this action so that “picture” (picture), is all associated orders to be proposed.

A limitation, however, Search Commands which is only available in English for Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office 2007.

At the same time as Search Commands, Office Labs has released Community Clips, a kind of YouTube videos for aid to the use of Office.


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