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Messenger Group-Enjoy the group chat on your Windows Live Messenger


Group chat on your Windows Live Messenger!

· Free signup for Messenger users!

· Customize your Messenger Group!

· Each Messenger Group can have 900 members at most!

· No plug-in!

What is Messenger Group?

Messenger Group is the easiest way to group your messenger contacts. It is different with Messenger’s multiple conversation. Messenger Group will not dismiss after chatting, it’s still there with each member in, providing a better place for a group of people chatting online together. And each group can have many members, no matter whether they are on your Messenger contact list.

messenger group

Please see the above figure. Messages will be shown at the left side and group information and Options are showing at the right window.

Learn more about Messenger Group

Create your own Messenger Group

Once creating a Messenger Group, you can invite your friends to join the group and discuss anything together you like. You can check group members, add or delete them.

First, please sign in your Windows Live Messenger and then go to Messenger Group website at www.messengergroupchat.com, do as given indications.

Join Messenger Groups

You can search groups by keywords at www.messengergroupchat.com and join them, or search by tags.

How to Use Messenger Groups?

Group members can change their nickname in the group. Group manager can set administrators to help him manage group, also can change the group name, display picture and group tags etc.. He may also make the group joined by everyone or make it private.

Highlights of Messenger Group

As a team group

You can create a group for your school mates, classmates, company, department or team, convenient to discuss or chat together in real time.

As a hobby group

You can create a group to gather many lovers or fans together, such as movies, music, sports, cars, places, stars, reading, and cuisines.

The Chinese version of Messenger Group has been used for about two years, now there are more than three million users and 500,000 Messenger groups created. Now we release the English version Messenger Group for you, just have a fun!

Messenger Group official website: www.messengergroupchat.com

Note: It is not a Microsoft service.


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