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Manage your contacts with the tool which comes with Windows Vista


As was the case with its predecessor Windows XP, Windows Vista comes with a contacts management tool or address book if you prefer. Here’s how to use it.

1. First click Start menu in bottom left corner of window and follow the path “All Programs”, “Windows Contacts.”

2. Once the program started, click on “New Contact Group” on top of the window. In the new window that appears, enter the name of the group. “Windowsxlive Friends” in our example.

3. To create the various contacts, click on the button “New Contact”, fill in the fields of various tabs: “Name and address mail,” “Home”, “Office”, “Family”, “Remarks” and “identifiers”. Click OK. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.
4. It is also possible not involve a contact group. In this case, create the contact from the main window by clicking on the tab “New Contact” and making the same as in the case of a person belonging to a group, namely fill fields and click OK.

5. Hope this small guide is will help you to understand some basics with this great Address Book tool which comes with Windows Vista.


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