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Microsoft Windows 7-8 Ultimate Extreme Edition 2010


What is Windows 8 xTreme ™? Windows 8 xTreme ™
its a System based on 
Windows 7 Final- Windows 8 xTreme ™ doesn't
have any components removed from 
Original Windows 7 Image so you wont lose 
any compatibly with software 
hardware or 
miss any stuff at all.

- Windows 8 xTreme ™ its a Clean Windows 7 Image
with a compilation of the best 
tweaks and a new integrated look ...
keeping all new features like superbar, etc ...
- Windows 8 xTreme ™ has been tested 
in a real machine with a compilation of over
200 softwares ...
- All default applications are silently installed before StartUp ...

* UAC Disabled
* Take Ownership
* Show File Extensions
* Automatic Defragmentation with Diskeeper
* New Cmd File to Right Click
* Enabled Search System Folders in Search
* ClearType
* Windows Will Tell You Exactly What it is Doing When it is 
Shutting Down or is Booting
* Increase Network Throughput
* ... many tweaks for IE8
* ... many more tweaks for W7 ...

* New Windows 7 Themes
* New Start Button
* New Cursor 3D
* New Hd Wallpapers
* New Hd System Icons Integrated In System
* New User *** Pics
* New Windows Scheme Sounds
* New Logon Screen
* ... and more

Extra Toos Integrated In System:

* Cursor Fx + Cursor 3D (separate optional)


Is this new version released by Microsoft?

NO, This isn't any new version released by Microsoft,
It's based on Final version of 
windows 7 Ultimate 

Why is it called windows 8 extreme?

Cause, its based on the new upcoming version by microsoft,
basically the themes etc looks like the upcoming version,
or that's what its told! 

I have downloaded the files, what am i supposed to do?

Using nero, burn the iso file in a dvd, at the lowest speed.

Change your Bios Setting, make the boot device priority of DVD as first.

When it asks for boot from Cd...

Press enter. 

IMPORTANT: When will request serial/cdkey leave empty and press next

Uploader Note: Not tested by me but from our torrent providers and some google 
search looks to be a clean-working x86/x64 windows 7 tweaked so by a special 
request of an torrent user i've decided to upload it,for the rest 
downloaders search 
more informations about this and take it or leave it

DOWNLOAD (via Torrent)

Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.4202.75

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Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.4202.75

The Symantec Endpoint Protection package was designed to combine Symantec AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers. It seamlessly integrates essential security technologies in a single agent and management console, increasing protection and helping lower total cost of ownership.

Here are some key features of "Symantec Endpoint Protection":

· Seamlessly integrates essential technologies such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, device control.
· Requires only a single agent that is managed by a single management console.
· Provides unmatched endpoint protection from the market leader in endpoint security.
· Enables instant NAC upgrade without additional software deployment for each endpoint.
· Stops malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, bots, zero-day threats and rootkits.
· Prevents security outbreaks thus reducing administrative overhead.
· Lowers total cost of ownership for endpoint security.

Single Agent and Single Console
· Delivers a single agent for all Symantec Endpoint Protection technologies and Symantec Network Access Control. Delivers a single integrated interface for managing all Symantec Endpoint Protection technologies and Symantec Network Access Control. All allow for a single communication method and content delivery system across all technologies.
· Provides operational efficiencies such as single software updates, single policy updates.
· Provides unified and central reporting.
· Provides unified licensing and maintenance.
· Requires no change to the client when adding Symantec Network Access Control enforcement.
· Lowers Total Cost of Ownership for endpoint security.
· Reduces administrative effort.

Proactive Threat Scanning
· Behavioral-based protection that protects against zero-day threats and threats not seen before. Unlike other heuristic-based technologies, Proactive Threat Scan scores both the good and bad behavior of unknown applications, providing a more accurate malware detection.
· Accurately detects malware without the need to set up rule-based configurations.
· Helps lower the number of false positives.

Advanced Rootkit Detection and Removal
· Provides superior rootkit detection and removal by integrating VxMS (Veritas Mapping Service—a Veritas technology), thereby providing access below the operating system to allow thorough analysis and repair.
· Detects and removes the most difficult rootkits.
· Saves time and money and productivity lossses associated with re-imaging infected machines.

Application Control
· Allows administrators to control access to specific processes, files, and folders by users and other applications. It provides application analysis, process control, file and registry access control, and module and DLL control. It enables administrators to restrict certain activities deemed as suspicious or high risk.
· Prevents malware from spreading or harming endpoints.
· Locks down endpoints to prevent data leakage.

Device Control
· Controls which peripherals can be connected to a machine and how the peripherals are used. It locks down an endpoints to prevent connections from thumb drives, CD burners, printers, and other USB devices.
· Prevents sensitive and confidential data from being extracted or stolen from endpoints (data leakage).
· Prevents endpoints from being infected by viruses spread from peripheral devices.





How Can You Change The Name of Recycle Bin

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You can change the name of Recycle Bin of your system if you wish. It is very easy and interesting butit require some changes in windows registry,
step 1: First click on Start button > click on Run option
step 2: Type here regedit.exe and press enter then you will find there regedit editor
step 3: In regedit editor you will open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder, In this folder open the CLSID folder then open the {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} folder >ShellFolder folder at last
step 4: Here simply change the data value from "40 01 00 20" to "70 01 00 20".
After performing all above steps restart your computer then you will find option to rename Recycle bin name after right clicking on Recycle Bin Icon. Now you can change new name as you wish.

Unlock PDF and remove Editing restrictions

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PDF files are great resource of data and information we need but they may create irritation if it is protected and restricts editing, copying and printing. To remove these annoying restrictions or unlock these PDF files, here are two methods, one is online and another local.

1. Online Method : Free PDF Unlock Online Utility is a web site that allows us to unlock the whole process online. Simply click on Browse … and then Submit your site to process your file and show you a copy of this release:

Free PDF Unlock Online Utility
2. Local Method : PDF Unlocker is a simple and useful application that can remove all kinds of restrictions on PDF files. It works by removing passwords that restrict access in two areas. One is for passwords that restrict some functions such as printing copying and pasting. The second is any password that might prevent you from accessing or opening a PDF file.

Extract Mp3 audio from Youtube videos

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ListenToYouTube is a service that allows us to extract the audio from YouTube and convert to MP3 format. Youtube is the largest source of Music and you will always want to save them on your Mp3 player and listen to them later on. It may happen also happen that Video is not so good but song is melodious so in such cases, you will need only Audio of it or simply as a Mp3 file of same song.

Even though there are many ways to download content, the P2P is perhaps the most popular and used, there is YouTube so large a collection of music and audio of any kind is almost bound to start when looking for new content there.
And so that no difficulty away to less technical users, ListenToYouTube is easy to use: just enter the URL of the video from YouTube. With this service is only manage to extract the audio for download in MP3 format.

Ubuntu 9.04 is available for Download


Jaunty Jackalope, the Ubuntu distro that was announced in September last year has finally been released to the masses and its goal is to engage more users into using an OS that is not only free but also secure, stable and reliable.
The History of Ubuntu impresses one at great heights considering that Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) has so far been able to produce an operating system that is as much easy to use as Windows and Mac and still at the same time, free to use. Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope aims to extend this experience and provide more features to the Ubuntu audience.

For a list of new features in Ubuntu 9.04, follow on to the list below.
  • A New Look - Not only has it got a new name but also a new boot screen, a new login sequence, a new wallpaper and a new theme for Gnome.
  • Faster Boottime - Switch it on and you will be on your desktop before you even know it.
  • Multiple Monitors Support - No longer do you need to play around with hacks to configure multiple monitor setup for your Ubuntu desktop, it comes native now.
  • Native CD-Burning - Brasero is now the default disc burning utility in Nautilus.
  • New-style Notifications - Notifications and Alerts in Ubuntu will never be the same as it now supports more stylish alerts.
  • Ext4 Filesystem - Support for a new filesystem is now available which is much faster.
  • Cloud computing - Jackalope makes it easy to experiment with cloud computing.
  • More Apps - A lot of new apps have been added along with latest versions of Firefox and OpenOffice 3.0
And thats not all.
Ubuntu 9.04 now comes in different flavors, for Desktop, Server and for even Netbooks. Choose the one you like and join the Linux cult.

How to Remove Or Block Ads In Yahoo Mail?


#1. Use the Hide Button to Remove Yahoo ads

You wouldn’t have noticed it. Yahoo itself provides a way to hide ads in Yahoo Mail. There’s a small arrow mark near the long vertical banner ad. When clicked, the advertisement gets hidden immediately.
The downside is that the ad will reappear the next time you open a new mail. So, this is not a permanent solution to block ads in Yahoo Mail.

#2. Install Firefox + Greasemonkey Script to Block Yahoo ads

There’s another way to block Yahoo ads and here’s how you can go about doing it. Download and install Firefox, and then install the Greasemonkey addon. Then go here and install the Yahoo! Mail Cleaner script. This script will allow you to remove ads in Yahoo Mail.
Refresh the Yahoo mail page and voila! The ads are gone.